Thursday, October 27, 2016

Puzzles for memory loss or dementia

We have a lovely range of puzzles specifically designed  by an occupational therapist for people with memory loss or dementia, who need an easier puzzle with fewer, large size pieces.  The images on the puzzles are designed exclusively so they have less detail and are based on themes of everyday life, so they spark memories and conversation.  The puzzles help individuals with dementia to stay cognitively active.  They have 12, 24 or 63 pieces.   See teh full range here
Baking 24 pieces

Raking 63 pieces

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Puzzle Record App

If you, like me, like to keep a record of all the puzzles you do, and you have an iphone, then you will love this free app to keep your completed jigsaw puzzles with details and photos in one online Record/List.

You can create your free account using your (hidden) email address with your name. Then use the Post function to start creating your jigsaw puzzle records.

Add as much info/comments/details to your posts as you like.   What a fabulous idea!
Take a look here