Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Posting overseas for Christmas

Just a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner, and here at Pathway Puzzles we are getting all geared up for the 'crazy' season. Why not get in early - do your Christmas shopping now, on line at our website.

We can send your choice of puzzle gift wrapped with your message attached any where in the world, in time for Christmas.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Puzzles by the artist Victoria Francis

We have just restocked puzzles by the Spanish artist Victoria Frances. Her evocative, expressive paintings, depict stories in the Gothic Romantic style. Characterised by desolate and melancholic atmospheres, her work is hugely popular around the world, and each piece produced by Educa, translates into a wonderful jigsaw. The two images here, butterfly and The Lovers, are imensely popular.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gluing a puzzle

Just recently I was talking to a customer who was having one of our puzzles framed. She had paid over $20 to the framer to get the puzzle glued. She was somewhat dismayed when I told her we could have sold her a whole bottle of puzzle fixative (enough for two 1000 piece puzzles) for $10.00.

There are two brands of fixative available on our website. The Holdsons brand has enough fixative for two puzzles, depending on how thickly you put it on. The Ravensburger one is larger, will do 6-8 puzzles, and has a useful sponge tip to help with the spreading.

The other key thing about gluing jigsaws with proper puzzle fixative is to glue it on the picture side, not the back of the puzzle. It gives a lovely gloss finish - the more coats, the higher the gloss. It also helps as a dust repellent.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A new WASGIJ - no. 15

At last another WASGIJ for the WASGIJ fans - number 15. Run like the wind. This time the scene is at the racers. What commotion is going on on the track?? As usual there are a lot of expression filled faces, and a busy background to make the puzzle intriquing and humorous.