Monday, January 25, 2010

New shaped jigsaws from Sunsout

We always get excited when a new shipment of puzzles arrives here at Pathway Puzzles, and especially when it is from Sunsout in America. It was from 12 of their shaped jigsaws that we launched our business just over two years ago. How time has moved on and we have grown in that time! Sunsouts shaped jigsaws have changed too. They have now started to include hidden images within the puzzle, which adds another whole dimension. For example, in the Proud Peacock jigsaw are hidden 6 hummingbirds and 3 tree frogs.

Included in the shipment are two beautiful new shaped butterflies for those who collect these!
Wings of colour.
Fantasy Butterfly.

Keep an eye on the Blog as we are expecting new puzzles from Ravensburger soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Which jigsaw manufacturer is your favourite??

We are regularly emailed to ask if we have the jigsaws of a particular manufactuer or jigsaws by a particular artist. We do try to keep a good range of puzzles in stock from all the manufacturers we can get here in New Zealand. Thanks to your feedback, we are now adding the manufacturer to our entry for each jigsaw on the website.
But we would love to here from you. What manufacturer is your facourite - Nz's own Holdsons, Ravensburger, Sunsout, Ceaco, Jumbo, Falcon, Heye... the list goes on. Send us a comment below, tell us which you prefer and most importantly why?