Saturday, October 31, 2015

What If? puzzles

The What If? Series from Ravensburger are a jigsaw for people who enjoy a comedy puzzle with a challenging twist.  Based on the idea that things don’t always turn out how you think or hope they will, you have to imagine what might happen if the events shown on the box change.
The image on the box is different to the puzzle image but you have to figure out how!

What If? 5 The Village Hall
The Caretaker at Grimley village Hall thinks he''s really organized. He''s convinced that his new bookings system is absolutely fool proof. But WHAT IF the caretaker didn''t take enough care? And WHAT IF the village hall was double-booked? The picture on this pack shows what the caretaker would like to happen. the puzzle inside the box shows what really did. 
You can see other What If? puzzles on our website here

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween fun

Although there is a huge number of jigsaws with a Christmas theme, it is quite hard to find one with a Halloween theme. So, with Halloween not far away, we just had to let you know about this puzzle - Count Dogula 1000 pieces, manufactured by Sunsout.