Monday, August 25, 2014

Send Dad a puzzle this Father's Day Sunday 7th September.

Make Dad's day this Father's day with one of the many puzzles available for Dad's - or Granddads or Uncles, or any other special man with whom you will be celebrating on Sunday 7 September.
Would your Dad like either of these puzzles?

Classic Cars 1000 pieces
Dad's shed 500 large pieces

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A jigsaw playground - what fun!

Pedestrians on Queen Street at Bras Basah, Singapore can now enjoy an interactive 3-D jigsaw puzzle outside the Waterloo Centre.
Three sets of large foam structures designed to look like old playgrounds from Singapore's past are providing a  pop-up play space,  open until the end of the month.
What a fantastic idea!
Read more about it here

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Must have" Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

Doing a  jigsaw is all about separating, sorting, piecing together, and then storing - completed or incomplete.  Special jigsaw accessories are available that take away the hassle, and make puzzling even more fun.
We think that sorting and storing your pieces by colour not only helps keep your puzzling area tidy, but also helps you complete the jigsaw faster. Sorting through a lot of pieces using a few old yoghurt pots or meat trays, or just spreading them out on your table, and then picking them up again when you have to pack up is not necessarily the best way!
We have two specially designed puzzle sorters that you will not be without once you have them. Believe me, mine are in constant use!
Sort and Go

Sort your puzzle
Both are in stock on our website. They also make great gifts - and Father's day is coming up!