Wednesday, July 29, 2009

floor puzzle map of the world

We are often asked for a map of the world suitable for children, and at last we have been able to get a floor puzzle map of the world. It is bright and attractive, and also has flags of the various countries. It has just 100 pieces, and also includes a poster. It also comes in a good sturdy box so it can all be stored away until the next time it is used. Highly recommended.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scramble Squares

We have recently moved away, just slightly, from jigsaws, and bought some scramble squares. These are sooo much fun! Real family entertainment. Although each Scramble Squares puzzle has only nine 4" x 4" pieces, Scramble Squares puzzles are Perhaps the World's Most Challenging Puzzle! They are inexpensive, but highly entertaining and valued gifts for both men and women alike... Scramble Squares puzzles are Easy To Play, But Hard To Solve!

Each Scramble Squares puzzle package includes a panel of fascinating factual information on the subject of the puzzle, as well as a trivia question and hidden answer, all packaged in a unique and handy heavy duty resealable vinyl travel pouch, which may be collected and stored easily in a standard 3-ring binder. The vinyl pouch is crystal clear, enabling the consumer to see the extraordinary beauty of the puzzles' realistic original art.

Scramble Squares teach critical thinking/problem solving skills, patience, perseverance, statistical probability, cooperative and solitary productivity.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blank jigsaws

We often get asked if we have blank jigsaws that can be drawn on. Well the answer is yes! They are just 20 pieces, 21.5 x 18 cms and are ideal for kids to draw on. They can't be put through a printer as they are already cut and wouldn't curve. But they are inexpensive at just $2.00 each, so the next time you are looking for something to entertain the children during the holidays, or just want something original for them to do as a gift for grandparents, or teachers, think about blank jigsaws.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Ceaco velvet jigsaws

We have just received a shipment of velvet jigsaws from Ceaco. The backs of the pieces are covered in velvet, or really, its more like felt. This makes the pieces a bit thicker than the standard pieces. They fit well, and it gives the puzzle a sturdy, non slip backing. Makes the jigsaw easier to do if you are working on a piece of board, or perhaps you find handling the usual pieces a bit tricky.
The images are really beautiful too. They make wonderfully unique gifts.

This one is called 'Autumn Angel'.

Here is 'Ombria in shadow'